Blue Frosty Ed

Blue Frosty Ed


This incredibly well put together Blue Roan Stallion is sired by some of the all-time greats such as Joe Hancock, Driftwood, King, Three Bars, Poco Bueno, Lucky Blanton, and Joe Reed.  We continue to breed back to Ed for his sweet disposition, athleticism, powerful conformation, strength, and stamina. Ed has matured to 15 hands and weighs around 1250 lbs.  Ed is a handsome dark gunmetal blue roan with thick bone, defined muscle structure, grit to work all day, and jet black mane, tail, and legs.  The bar has been set high for Joe Hancock and Driftwood offspring, they are the standard of expectation by which other contest mounts are measured.  Many horses being bred today lack necessary bone structure, they fault leg and hoof integrity.  Our dedication to certain foundation bloodlines ensures we don't lose integrity where it matters the most, if you lose the feet or legs then you lose the horse.  Classic Joe Hancock and Driftwood breeding yield foals with outstanding cow sense, beauty, brains, and bone.  Ed is producing incredible offspring that we are very excited about and you should be too.  We have not tested Ed, though we believe he is Homozygous Black; he has yet to throw a foal with a red base coat.  His offspring are friendly and kind, we are using his offspring on the ranch and we could not be happier with the results. Come and take a look at him, his disposition as a stallion and his appearance will win you over.


AQHA Hall of Fame Pedigree

NRHA Hall of Fame Pedigree

NCHA Hall of Fame Pedigree

NRCHA Million Dollar Sire 

Joe Hancock      
Poco Bueno      
Three Bars      
Joe Reed      
Joe Reed II      
Peter McCue      
Oklahoma Star      
Grey Badger II      
Old Sorrel      




Sire: Frosty Eddie

   Frosty Eddie        Eddie Eighty
   Eddie 40
   Sports Roan   
   Tootie Toot 71
   Buck Hancock   
   Tootie Rock 71
   Frosty Hope   
   Frosty Joe
   Baldy Joe
   FL Sage Hen
   Chicaro Hope   
   Chicaro Mccue 50   
   Wayward Hope


Dam: Mini Blue Blanton

   Mini Blue Blanton       Short Go Luck
   Luckys Last
   Lucky Blanton
   Cheri Pat
   Carmella Star
   Red Savage Sam
   Tender Star
   Driftwood Minihaha   
   Bluechip Driftwood   
   Rainbow Sage
   Missle Honey
   Minnie Black
   Eddie 40
   Jackies Begger