PNA Quatro Cassie (Jessica)

PNA Quatro Cassie





This huge bay roan mare is foundation bred from the Ayers Ranch and goes back to some foundation greats such as Blue Valentine, Gooseberry, Joe Hancock, Mr Roan Hancock, Driftwood, Driftwood Ike, Two Eyed Jack, Three Bars, and King.  There are a number of AQHA Hall of Fame sires in her pedigree notably Joe Hancock, Driftwood, Joe Reed, Two Eyed Jack, Three Bars, and King. This mare is a bucket of mass with heavy bone structure and mounds of muscle.  She is broke to ride and has been dragging cows to the branding irons, she digs in and pulls 500 - 600 lb calves all day.  She is built like a tank and she enjoys doing her job most with kids on her back, for this reason, we have decided to breed her to our stallion Rio Starlight.  We are confident she will pass on her ability as a strong horse with a big motor and intelligent mind.  To inquire about future offspring of "Jessica" feel free to contact us via email or by phone.  Thanks for stopping by.



PNA Quatro Cassie

   PNA Quatro Cassie          NLD Jo Fly Hancock   
   NLD Eddie Hancock   
   Mr Roan Hancock   
   Baby Starbine
   Two Winged Fly
   Two Fox Fire
   Nug Bar Jo
   Peggy Hancock Hayes   
   Show Bar Roan
   Mr Roan Hancock   
   Show Bar Mae
   Four Drift Cassie   
   Quatro Drift   
   Bonnie Hayes